Question: How Did The Narrator Get Back To The Ship?

How badly was the narrator hurt when the waves hit Wavewalker?

Answer: The narrator hurt himself very badly on January 2 when a tremendously high wave hit their boat and he was initially thrown overboard before being tossed back by the wave to hit the boom of the boat.

Subsequent waves tossed him around the deck like a rag doll, cracking his left ribs and breaking his teeth..

Why did the narrator feel that it was the most beautiful island?

Answer Expert Verified The Ile Amsterdam appeared to be the most beautiful island to the narrator because finding it saved them from drowning. Australia was very far away; if they would not find this island, the Wavewalker would surely disintegrate and the survival of his family would be in danger.

What message does the story we are not afraid to die give?

the message is ‘ unity is strength’ i.e. ” we’re not afraid to die if we all can be together”. Two messages we get from the lesson “we are not afraid to die if we all can be together”,that is: first,”When we are together, we are more stronger”.

What sort away the ship and how did the narrator react?

A vetical wave hit the ship and it’s must was broken. Narrator was thrown out of the ship but he was saved as he had double lashed everything earlier. A vertical and almost twice the height of the other waves, with a frightful breaking crest hit the boat.

What efforts did the narrator make to save the ship how were their lives saved?

After both hand pump and electric pump stopped working, he found another electric pump and used it to drive away water. His continuous efforts saved the ship and the lives of those traveling in it. The narrator tried pumping out the water with the pumps, appointing the crew membera to pump out water.

What injuries did the narrator and his daughter suffer when the sea waves tossed them about?

He was flung overboard and found himself sinking below the waves. He thought death was approaching him and he lost consciousness. His daughter was hurt from the same explosion, she hurt her head, there was a big bump above her eyes.

How did the narrator respond to Little Jon’s words?

When ‘Wavewalker’ was amidst the storm and it seemed difficult to escape it and come out alive, Jon exclaimed that they were not afraid to die, if they could all be together. This statement made by him brings out his courageous, fearless nature and his trust on his parents.

How did the narrator manage to come back onto the ship?

how did the narrator get back to the ship after have been thrown in sea. … A torrent of green and white water broke over the ship, the narrator’s head smashed into the wheel and he was aware of flying over board and sinking below the waves.

What was the effect of huge wave on the ship?

The impact of the wave on the ship was such that the green and white water broke over the ship as a result of which the narrator’s head smashed into the wheel and he was thrown overboard, sinking below the waves.

How did the narrator react to the problems what does it reveal?

The narrator react very calmely to the problems and he was not at all afraid to die and want to protect/safe his family from all the hazardous situation. This shows that narrator is very clearminded ,strong and dedicated person.

Who is the narrator of We’re not afraid to die?

“We’re Not Afraid to Die… if We Can All Be Together”- Introduction of the Lesson. Written by Gordan Cook and Alan East, the story is about a 37 year old businessman who is the narrator of the story. He has a wife named Mary and two children, Jonathan, aged 6 and Suzanne, aged 7.

How did narrator managed to survive?

They were taking in more water with every wave breaking over them. If he did not make some repairs urgently, they would sink. The narrator managed to cover the gaping holes with canvas and waterproof hatch covers.

What injuries did the captain get during the wave storm?

Captain’s head smashed into the wheel. He badly injured with left ribs cracked, teeth broken and mouth filled with blood.

What did the narrator do to repair the damage to the deck?

Answer. Answer: Narrator gave his best to save his family. He pumped out the water with the help of wheel, Herb and Larry. Every wave was pushing the water into the boat from the holes so the narrator covered the holes with canvas.

What happened on January 2nd What did the narrator do to face the strong and high waves?

What did the narrator do to face the strong or high waves? Answer: Early morning on January 2nd, the waves were huge and sea was extremely rough. Their ship was hit by strong mighty waves. They slowed down the speed of the boat and double lashed everything.