Question: How Tall Is Kakashi In Feet?

Who is the tallest Naruto character?

List itemsFuguki Suikazan.

Height: 249.1 cm / 8.2 feet.

Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki.

Height: 231 cm / 7.7 feet.Han.

Height: 228.3 cm / 7.5 feet.


Height: 217 cm / 7.1 feet.

Kushimaru Kuriarare.

Height: 213 cm / 6.10 feet.

First Raikage.

Height: 210 cm / 6.9 feet.

Third Raikage.

Height: 205 cm / 6.8 feet.

Jugo.More items….

How tall is Rock Lee?

Naruto Lore: Rock LeeeditRock LeeSexMaleAgePart I: 13–14 Part II: 17HeightPart I: 158.5 cm 1.585 m 5.2 ft 62.402 in –162.1 cm 1.621 m 5.318 ft 63.819 in Part II: 172 cm 1.72 m 5.643 ft 67.717 in Blank Period: 177 cm 1.77 m 5.807 ft 69.685 inWeightPart I: 46.6 kg 102.735 lb –47.5 kg 104.72 lb Part II: 54.7 kg 120.593 lb29 more rows

How tall is Itachi?

Naruto Profile: Itachi UchihaeditItachi UchihaStatusDeceasedHeightPart I: 175.2 cm 1.752 m 5.748 ft 68.976 in Part II: 178 cm 1.78 m 5.84 ft 70.079 inWeightPart I: 57.1 kg 125.884 lb Part II: 58 kg 127.868 lbBlood typeAB34 more rows

Who kills Itachi?

Sasuke did not killed Itachi. The battle itself is completely amazing, but let’s just say that Sasuke isn’t that strong enough to defeat the one and only Itachi Uchiha. Many believe that Itachi died in Sasuke’s hand, but they don’t know the real reason why he died.

How tall is Kakashi?

33 He’s 5 Feet, Nine Inches Tall For fans who wonder about Kakashi’s height, the books list him at 181 centimeters during the first part of Naruto’s story.

How tall is Minato in feet?

Who is Minato Namikaze?editMinato NamikazeAgePart II: 24StatusDeceasedHeightPart I: 179.2 cm 1.792 m 5.879 ft 70.551 inWeightPart I: 66.1 kg 145.726 lb31 more rows

How tall is Boruto Uzumaki?

Boruto UzumakiHeightBlank Period: 110 cm Boruto Movie: 145 cm Future: 163 cmKekkei GenkaiJōganAffiliationKonohagakureTeamTeam 715 more rows

What’s Naruto’s height?

Naruto UzumakiGenderMaleAgePart I: 12-13 Part II: 15-17 Novel: 19-21 Academy: 27 Gaiden: 32 Boruto Movie: 33HeightPart I: 145.3 cm-147.5 cm Part II: 166 cm Blank Period: 180 cmM WeightPart I: 40.1 kg-40.6 kg Part II: 50.9 kg20 more rows

Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto….Itachi UchihaRelativesSasuke Uchiha (brother) Sakura Uchiha (sister-in-law) Sarada Uchiha (niece)Ninja rankRogue NinjaAkatsuki partnerKisame Hoshigaki {rogue ninja]6 more rows

Does Tsunade love jiraiya?

One of the most humanizing aspects of Jiraiya, though, is his pure, unending love for Tsunade Senju. She was both his teammate and friend since an early age, and thus his relationship with her is one of complete respect and sincerity. … Tsunade may not love Jiraiya the way he loves her, but their bond in undeniable.

How tall is Sasuke in feet?

Sasuke UchihaGenderMaleHeightPart I: 5’0″ (150.2 cm) Part II: 5’6 (168.8 cm) The Last: 6’0″ (182 cm)WeightPart I: 93 lbs (43.5 kg) Part II: 115 lbs (52.2 kg)Highest RankGenin7 more rows

How tall is jiraiya feet?

Who is Jiraiya?editJiraiyaSexMaleAgePart I: 50–51 Part II: 54StatusDeceasedHeightPart I: 191.2 cm 1.912 m 6.273 ft 75.276 in29 more rows

How tall is Orochimaru?

Orochimaru’s Quest for PowereditOrochimaruAgePart I: 50–51 Part II: 54HeightPart I: 179.4 cm 1.794 m 5.886 ft 70.63 in –172 cm 1.72 m 5.643 ft 67.717 in Part II: 172 cm 1.72 m 5.643 ft 67.717 in Gaiden: 179.5 cm 1.795 m 5.889 ft 70.669 inWeightPart I: 63.9 kg 140.875 lb –57.3 kg 126.325 lb Part II: 57.3 kg 126.325 lb33 more rows

How tall is Kisame?

What Were Kisame’s Powers?editKisame HoshigakiAgePart I: 29 Part II: 32–33StatusDeceasedHeightPart I: 195 cm 1.95 m 6.398 ft 76.772 inWeightPart I: 83.1 kg 183.204 lb29 more rows

What was Itachi’s sickness?

Originally Answered: What was Itachi suffering from? Itachi was actually suffering from a respiratory disease which he was diagnosed with sometime after he joined the Anbu. Even though he continued to train and master his sharingan and genjutsu, this sickness limited his physical prowess and stamina.