Question: What Efforts Did The Narrator Make To Save The Ship How Were Their Lives Saved?

How was the ship saved from further damage?

The narrator and his wife together controled the boat.

He and his wife removed water from the boat by the electric pump.

He connected the electric pump to an out pipe thus removing most of water from the ship.

His efforts did not go in vain and finally they were safe..

What message does the story we are not afraid to die give?

the message is ‘ unity is strength’ i.e. ” we’re not afraid to die if we all can be together”. Two messages we get from the lesson “we are not afraid to die if we all can be together”,that is: first,”When we are together, we are more stronger”.

Why did the narrator heart sink?

Answer. Answer: Because the narrator’s guest ordered a dish (caviar) which was not affordable to the narrator and he was not even able to explain it to his guest . The narrator heart sank because he was having a whole month before him and and less amount of money to spend.

What was the surprise in store for him?

What was the surprise in store for him? the narrator felt that he was not the best captain because he thought that his desire for the sailing in the ship led his family into danger…

Who is the narrator of We’re not afraid to die?

“We’re Not Afraid to Die… if We Can All Be Together”- Introduction of the Lesson. Written by Gordan Cook and Alan East, the story is about a 37 year old businessman who is the narrator of the story. He has a wife named Mary and two children, Jonathan, aged 6 and Suzanne, aged 7.

What injuries did the narrator and his daughter suffer?

He was flung overboard and found himself sinking below the waves. He thought death was approaching him and he lost consciousness. His daughter was hurt from the same explosion, she hurt her head, there was a big bump above her eyes.

What efforts did the narrator make to save the ship and its passengers Class 11?

What efforts did the narrator make to save the ship and its passengers? Answer: At first he slowed down the ship. He dropped the storm jib and lashed heavy mooring rope in a loop across the stem.

How did the narrator manage to get Ranga married?

The narrator in the story “Ranga’s Marriage” manages to get Ranga married to Ratna by conducting a meeting of the two. According to him, they were the best suitable for each other. He planed the meeting so that Ranga could be impressed by her virtues and her quality of singing. … Hence, he got married and lived happily.

What injuries did sue sustain what does it reveal about her?

Answer. Explanation: Sue had an alarmingly swollen head, two enormous black eyes and a deep cut on her arm. However, when asked why she hadn’t made more of her injuries earlier on, Sue replied that she had not wanted to worry her parents when their chief task was to save those on board.

How does the title we’re not afraid to die if we can all be together justify the spirit of the story?

Answer Expert Verified The title of the story “We are not afraid to die…if we can all be together.” is perfectly justified. The story is about the positive attitude and endurance shown by the courageous family of the author in the face of the storm that had endangered their survival.

What problem were faced by the narrator regarding the pump?

More problems arose when the hand pumps started to block up with the debris floating around the cabins and the electric pump suffered a short circuit leading to an alarming rise in the water level.

What did the narrator do to repair the ship?

He pumped out the water with the help of wheel, Herb and Larry. Every wave was pushing the water into the boat from the holes so the narrator covered the holes with canvas. … Then narrator used two spare hand pumps and one electric pump and connected it with pipe to make the system work.

How did the narrator and his men deal with the water that had gushed into the Wavewalker?

How did they deal with the water that had gushed into the ship? Answer: As Mary took control of the wheel, the narrator made his way towards the hatch. Larry and Herb were pumping out water frantically.

What efforts did the narrator make to?

After both hand pump and electric pump stopped working, he found another electric pump and used it to drive away water. His continuous efforts saved the ship and the lives of those traveling in it. The narrator tried pumping out the water with the pumps, appointing the crew membera to pump out water.

What did the narrator do when he Realised that the two spare hand pumps had been wrenched overboard?

As the narrator took the wheel, Herb and Larry began pumping the water like madmen. … The two spare hand pumps had been wrenched overboard so the narrator used another electric pump which was connected to and out-pipe and made to work.