Quick Answer: Do You Put Whisky Stones In The Freezer?

Are whiskey stones better than ice?

An ice cube will absorb the heat from the whiskey, which causes it to melt.

The melted ice then cools the liquid around it.

However, since the whiskey stones don’t melt when in the beverage, they just absorb the heat of the whiskey, making the stones warmer.

The stones will ultimately stop cooling your drink..

How do you use stainless steel whiskey stones?

Whiskey stones or whiskey rocks, were originally created for whisky drinkers, to use as a substitute for ice cubes. Although they do not get as cold as regular ice cubes, their purpose is to keep your whisky cool without diluting it.

How do you take care of whiskey stones?

The cleaning instructions are just to run under warm water and that will do the trick. They’re very non-porous so cleaning is easy. Shouldn’t think anything more than warm water (+ soap if you like) should clean em off as long as you rinse and dry. As for getting them to not “pick up” anything from the freezer…

Do whiskey stones actually work?

Now for the more important question: do whiskey stones actually work? The good news is that whiskey stones – or whisky stones, depending on where you hail from – do work, generally speaking. The bad news is that most of them don’t work too well, and won’t sustain a chill factor with the same efficacy as ice.