Quick Answer: What Is A Good Substitute For Tortilla Chips?

What are the healthiest chips you can eat?

Our Top 5 Healthy ChipsBare Veggie Chips.

Saffron Road Baked Lentil Chips.

Eat Your Vegetables Chips.

Beanitos White or Black Bean Chips.

Baked Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips.

Chili Cheese Fritos.


Kettle Brand Potato Chips.More items…•.

What can I make instead of chips?

20 Delicious and Healthy Alternatives To Potato Chips and French FriesButternut Squash Chips. A Couple Cooks. … Baked Zucchini Chips. Vittles and Bits. … Brussels Sprout Chips. Pop Sugar. … Polenta Fries. 101 Cookbooks. … Baked Apple Chips. The Italian Dish. … Radish Chips. Simple Comfort Food. … Broccoli Chips. Keep It Simple Foods. … Kale Chips.More items…

What is the healthiest alternative to ice cream?

5 Healthy Ice Cream Alternatives You Can Make at HomeThe Classic Frozen Banana Ice Cream.Paleo Nutella Banana Ice Cream.Strawberry Ice Cream.Avocado Ice Cream.Greek Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream.

What can you use instead of tortilla chips?

National Nacho Day: 10 Healthy Tortilla Chip AlternativesCelery.Kale Chips.Sliced Yams.Apple Slices.Flax Crackers.Banana Chips.Zucchini Chips.Cucumber Slices.More items…•

What’s a healthier alternative to chips?

Made from whole-grain corn, masa flour, beets, oil and sea salt, this healthy alternative to chips is crunchy and satisfying….The Better Chip Beets and Sea Salt, 10 chips, 1 oz.Calories140Saturated Fat0.5 gCarbs16 gFiber2 gProtein2 g1 more row•May 12, 2015

Can you live off chips and salsa?

Well, in the short term, yes, you could survive on beer, orange juice, chips and salsa. However, this unhealthy diet will not provide you with the necessary nutrients for optimal health. Lack of vital nutrients causes deficiencies, eventually leading to chronic illness.

What is the lowest calorie tortilla chip?

Guiltless Gourmet Tortilla Chips – Our top tortilla-chip pick! The full lineup rocks, and there’s something for everyone, from Spicy Black Bean to zesty Chipotle to sodium-savvy Unsalted Yellow Corn. Each 1-oz. serving (about 18 chips) has only 120 calories, 2 – 3g fat, and 2g fiber (PointsPlus® value 3*).

What can I use instead of chips for salsa?

If you want a way to eat salsa that’s tortilla-chip-like without being an actual tortilla chip, you can make chips from sweet potatoes, beets, pretty much any root vegetable, or zucchini.

What is the healthiest tortilla chips to eat?

If you’re looking for a wholesome, low-sodium tortilla chip, Food Should Taste Good’s Blue Corn Tortilla Chips are a smart pick. They’re low in sodium (rare for tortilla chips!) and packed with whole grains like like quinoa, blue corn, brown rice, and oats as well as flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds.

Is tortilla chips and salsa a healthy snack?

A simple way to start eating healthier is by consuming more nutritious snacks. Rather than grabbing a bag of chips before class; whole grain tortilla chips and salsa make a great alternative. … Salsa can be helpful in increasing your vegetable intake while minimizing sodium, fat, and calorie intake.