What Were The Thoughts And Feelings Of The Narrator When They Reached The Island?

Why did the narrator consider Ile Amsterdam the most beautiful island What were his thoughts and feelings when they reached the island?

The author referred the island of Amsterdam as “’the most beautiful island in the world’.

It was because after all the ordeals they had to face in the sea, the island came as a hope for them.

It was a small piece of volcanic rock with scanty vegetation.

They anchored their ship there and refurbished it..

Why did the narrator feel that it was the most beautiful island?

Answer Expert Verified The Ile Amsterdam appeared to be the most beautiful island to the narrator because finding it saved them from drowning. Australia was very far away; if they would not find this island, the Wavewalker would surely disintegrate and the survival of his family would be in danger.

Where did the narrator go and why?

The narrator wanted to go on a ’round-the-world’ voyage by following Captain James Cook’s route. He started from Plymouth in England, sailed towards Africa and Cape town and finally set sail towards Australia. he wanted to repeat the voyage taken by a sailer 200 yrs ago.

What steps did the narrator take to locate Ile Amsterdam?

On January 6, the author checked and re-checked his calculations just so as to find this island. They had lost their compass. They worked on their wind speed and steered their course to 185 degrees.

Why did the narrator finally decide to forget the address?

After her visit, she wanted to forget the address, since the narrator found that the belongings of her mother were kept in strange conditions. The articles and objects had lost all their aura and emotional value for the narrator since they were placed in a different kind of an environment.

What did the captain think most of all on reaching Ile Amsterdam Why?

why? He think that again the land under my feet and now we are safe. Captain think that again there was land under his feet and his thoughts were full of Larry and Herbie who were cheerful and optimist under the direst stress.

What injuries did the narrator and his daughter suffer when the sea waves tossed them about?

He was flung overboard and found himself sinking below the waves. He thought death was approaching him and he lost consciousness. His daughter was hurt from the same explosion, she hurt her head, there was a big bump above her eyes.

How did the Voyagers finally reach Ile Amsterdam?

For the voyagers on the Wavewalker, hard times had started on the second day out of Cape Town itself. They encountered a massive storm with strong gales. … But by the morning of January 6, Wavewalker had came out of the storm and in a few more hours, they reached Amsterdam joyously.

What happens when Ile Amsterdam was sighted?

Author had been dozing off when Ile Amsterdam was sighted. His son came by the side of his bunk and hugeed him saying that he was the best father and captain in the whole world. He replied that he wasn’t. He said that he let down his family.

What was the object behind the writer’s undertaking the journey?

The prime object behind the narrator undertaking the journey was to duplicate round-the-world-voyage undertaken by Captain James Cook 200 years ago; they wanted to celebrate the legendary explorer’s voyage by duplicating it. The narrator and his wife had great interest in seafaring.

What did the narrator feel when they reached Ile Amsterdam?

Answer: The narrator felt very happy for landing on the island because he lost all his hope of becaming alive in the ocean and when he got to know that he find the ale Amsterdam island .

How big was Ile Amsterdam How did the narrator find it?

The island known as Ile Amsterdam was no bigger than a huge volcanic rock with a little vegetation but it was such a big ray of hope for the family that the children were too happy they were saved and thus, described the island as, ‘as big as a battleship. ‘

Which island seemed to be the narrator and his wife’s hope?

Ile AmsterdamWhy did Ile Amsterdam appear to the narrator the most beautiful island in the world? Ans. Ile Amsterdam was only a volcanic rock with very little vegetation. But to the narrator And his crew, it was the most beautiful island in the world.

How big was Ile Amsterdam How many inhabitants had it?

The island is roughly equidistant to the land masses of Madagascar, Australia, and Antarctica – as well as the British Indian Ocean Territory and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (about 3,200 km, 1,700 nautical miles from each)….Île Amsterdam.Nickname: Nouvelle AmsterdamDemographicsPopulation2810 more rows

Why were they desperate to look for an island How did they manage?

Why were they desperate to look for an island? How did they manage? Answer: After having survived for fifteen hours since the wave hit, they knew that Wavewalker could not hold together long enough for them to reach Australia.